Westech Components

Great shop with just about any component you would need for an electronics project, from transistors, diodes and resisters to h-bridges, opto-couplers and convertors.

They also have a good selection of tools and accessories including copper pcb board and the chemicals to etch your own PCB.

You probably won’t find any IC’s, motors, batteries suitable for DIY projects.

They have a comprehensive listing of everything they sell on their website at http://www.wt.co.th/

The service is good but you would definitely want a list of the component part numbers you are after before going in, they have 1000’s of sku’s and the components are not something you can browse.

It’s located in a small soi behind Union Mall on LadPhrao rd, there is a car park out the front of the shop but walking from Union Mall is easy enough if you dont want to navigate the small roads with all the stalls hanging out over the gutter.