Thai Noodles Kaolka Noodle Shop

This noodle shop is located just off highway 345 and has one of the best soups in Thailand and that is all they serve. It is a dark soup chock a block full of Chinese herbs and spices, a couple of bowls of these noodles is a real pick me up.

My recomended dish is “Aow San Lek, Naam Khon, Nua Sod, mai aow krung nai kup.” That translates as

  • Aow San Lek I would like the small rice noodles
  • Naam Khon with dark soup
  • Nua Sod with beef slices
  • mai aow krung nai kup but no offal or liver, please and thank you.

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Here is a better map

This is an awesome noodle shop!!