More Space (Garden Sheds/ Tool Sheds/ Storage) Rangsit Nonthaburi

So we finished paving out the back of the house and started looking for a small garden shed. Drove around one weekend to all the usual suspects like HomePro, Thai Watsudu and Global House and wow what a shock. Homepro had a small poly garden shed, from memory about 1.4m x 2.2m that was about 50k baht, Watsadu had none and Global House had a flimsy medium size metal shed, about 2m x 3m for 30k baht. In the states or Australia you’d be looking at half those prices.

So any ways came home and started to do a bit of research and found this little gem


There plastic sheds were still up around 25-30k but the metal ones were very reasonable and decent quality. They are up at Rangsit so its a bit of a drive but well worth it.

I feel they are not bad ones and like you said, metal sheds are always more durable than plastic ones. Check here also for some other good quality sheds at a very affordable price