Can we get an HTTP based web api of this math Engine?

We are trying to create games that would be based on math problems, as gniruT is an awesome AI based engine than can generate many math question on the fly, if we can get any api by which we can get the question list along answers then we can directly call it via our web games.

Hi Varun, I like the idea of creating a game around the questions, the ui is all pretty plain at the moment and that could be quite exciting. We have been asked about an API before and given this is just a part time and free website with no advertising or anything we were a bit reluctant to implement that. While we think about that again could you manually generate a bunch of questions and put them in your own db to start with?

Thank you so much @Matthew for your response. We will start with putting these questions in our db, thanks for suggesting that. In case if you think, it would be a good idea working together then I am always available to discuss my idea about Games also.

Thanks again!