About the gniruT category

gniruT uses artificial intelligence to generate math questions and answers.
The engine generates questions across 50 subjects from arithmetic to calculus. The quizzes range in difficulty and are focussed on primary school subjects but some of the questions are tough and may need some explanation from a teacher or parent or maybe even Google.

Students and teachers are able to choose one of the two options; personally curated multiple choice questions or custom questions and answers generated by gniruT.

You and your students can take a quiz right now. To start, navigate to Teknojelly and log in and choose your preferred difficulty level (practice, spicy, red hot or brain buster), select a subject and click on the start button to begin.

View your results on the progress page and rise to the top of the leaderboard.

Most math curriculums are a mile wide and about an inch deep but because gniruT questions have been generated by a computer they explore the entire available number space. The models operate with variable boundaries and every point inside that created space has a variable entropy. So what that means is it will fully explore that little universe, every range, border case and edge boundary without bias to generate the questions and answers.

Because of this, the models generate some really interesting questions which force us to think more deeply about what is being asked and gives students a taste of the intellectual adventure that mathematics can be.

Because the questions go deep they promote mathematical thinking to solve the problems.